Having Celiac Disease is a huge blessing on the health side!  Gluten is a common cause for a lot of diseases. This blog is dedicated to providing moms of teens helpful information and resources on Celiac Disease.

The recipes at this site are not intended to be totally milk, egg and nut free.  The recipes are intended to help newly diagnosed celiacs navigate into the gluten free world in a gentle and easy way.

If you want to learn a bit more about Celiac Disease, please go to http://www.celiac.com.  Also here is a very interesting article that may help you understand Celiac a bit:  Celiac More Common than You Think.

We love sweets, pierogi and anything else that is noodle based and my goal is to simply turn our favorite gluten recipes into easy to make gluten free recipes that have ingredients that are easy to find, easy to make and fall within my humble budget!

For hardcore gluten free cooks – this is not the site for you.  For people who are interested in helping their kids survive in a gluten world and still feel normal and still have fun with food and want to eat a little healthier… this is the site for you.


Contact:  theceliacreview@comcast.net


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