Posted by: twolittlebumpkins | January 3, 2010

Think: Confidence

Confidence in the natural world is self-reliance. In the spiritual world it is God-Reliance.

– Oswald Chambers

Oh gosh… switching to gluten free cooking caused my confidence level to drop a bit…  I love baking and cooking and have been doing this for many years… this new way of cooking is so different on the baking side.

I am deciding not to mix my own flour blend for now until I gain confidence using these flours!  Tom Sawyer flour is such a God send.  It is a one for one replacement with regular gluten laden all purpose flour.  It has the xanthan gum built in!  I also want to experiment with almond flour a bit… since it is healthier and having a higher protein.

I am going to stay ultra positive here and simply convert my all time favorites using Tom Sawyer flour.  My first favorite I am trying today is my ultimate brownie recipe.  It has nutella, cocoa and peanut butter in it…

Remember confidence is built with a little bit of practice and a  lot a bit of faith!

Stay tuned for the recipe!


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