Posted by: twolittlebumpkins | January 3, 2010

Review: Our First Field Trip – Rose’s Bakery

Tucked on the outskirts of Wilmette is a rare find… and a treasure!  Rose’s Bakery is a bakery to be taken seriously from a gluten-free standpoint.  Their dedication to their customers is top-notch as well as the wonderful sights, tastes and smells… we have been gluten free for about three weeks now… and I thought I would never enjoy bread again… until now!

The breads vary in terms of tastes and textures.  My favorite was the Almond French Rolls!  Delicate, soft and tasty!

The French Loaf and Seeded Sandwich Loaf were fantastic.  The French Loaf is more like a buttery white bread while the Seeded Sandwich Loaf is more like a lightly seeded wheat bread.  Both are really good!

As a treat, I got the pita bread.  They are made from rice flour and are very soft and puffy.  I plan on using them for individual pizza’s!

Another treat are their cupcakes… oh so good… chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting, vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting and vanilla with gingerbread frosting… oh so so yummy!

There is a little cafe restaurant on the side and for the price of a McDonald’s meal, you can get a gluten free hamburger with a french roll bun that is gluten free.  They have grilled cheeses for kids and wonderful assortment of sandwiches.  All very fun and delicious!

This Bakery takes Celiac very seriously and everything is gluten free.  The wonderful employees simply gave me so much information on gluten free and ideas on how I can keep their breads soft and yummy – the breads freeze very well as well as microwave well… really handy with teens…

The Bakery is also willing to take orders ahead of time…

This bakery gets 5 thumbs up from us!  And we will be visiting very often…!

Location: Evanston/Wilmette border


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