Posted by: twolittlebumpkins | December 25, 2009

A new world…!

Well it is Christmas Eve and my daughter and I are discovering that we have Celiac Disease.  For me being 44 and just discovering this opens up so many questions… and for my daughter who is 15, well … she is taking this pretty good considering her favorite food is bagel, whole grain bread, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and rice crispy treats.

We just got back from the hospital where they ran every test on her due to a severe pain in the right side… and nothing shows up on any test result… we are waiting for the Celiac test results… and I am very suspicious the culprit for all the headaches and stomach aches is gluten.

The doctors put Nicole on Levsin and Prevacid and the pain seems to be manageable now.

This came on from extreme stress from homework at school.  Nicole takes a little longer to get through homework and she had been sick so she missed school a bit and the homework piled up… two weeks of intense homework and tests before winter break… and then two days into Christmas break she got incredible pains on her right side.

As a parent watching my daughter scream in pain and shake uncontrollably because the pain was so bad… I thought appendicitis at best… maybe flu?  Nicole has always been a very healthy girl and 6 months ago she had a right side pain that seemed to be more on the back.. so we thought muscle spasm… the only thing that takes away the pain was morphine which is not good…

How could such a tiny little seed called wheat cause such issues? and it is in everything… luckily I cook from scratch so the battle for me is not too bad… but the fun food… ugh…

We hope this blog will help other mom’s of teenagers discover that having Celiac is not that bad and there are foods now that are really yummy…


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